I love you this much

by Miranda on August 1, 2012

Last night, I put Emma to bed a little early and had Joshua stay up a little late so that I could say goodnight to my best boy. I hugged him and we read a book and I hugged him some more. I gave him kisses. And then more hugs. And then more kisses.

I was “that” mom. The one who loves too much.

But I can never love him too much.

This morning, Dan and I told him about all the fun he’s going to have with his cousins.

“You come with me, Mama.”

“No, Daddy’s going to take you.”

“Oh, okay.”

And then with a few more “I love you’s” and a lot more hugs and kisses, they were gone.

And part of my heart was gone too.

We’ve learned so much about each other in three years, Joshua and me.

He taught me how to love exponentially. Unconditionally. Forever.

I love him this much.

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